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Brand: Pentagon. Pack of 2 clickers. Yellow in colour, this bright hand tally head counter is the professional choice for door staff at clubs, bars, restaurants and other buildings housing a large number of people.This hand tally head counter clicker will enable you to track how many people are in your premises at all times. This ensures you won't exceed its maximum capacity and be at risk of infringing your license.Both counters feature a four digit display enabling door staff to be able count up to 9999, making them a practical crowd counting solution for even the largest of venues.With these clickers you will know exactly how many people are in your premises at all times, ensuring that both their safety and the validity of your license are protected.These clickers are supplied brand new, unused and in original retail packaging. It's ready for use straight out of the box.

Pentagon clickers made with high production standards. They are designed for professional crowd management operations; as such they are highly durable and will withstand hours of use seven nights of the week. While cheaper hand clickers are available, they are unlikely to have been made to the same quality standards. They may be suitable for one off events or recreational use, when reliability isn't essential, but not for the sustained use of a professional application. Should they break in the middle of an event, you can find yourself being forced to rely on counting people manually or keeping track of numbers on paper. Both of these are far from practical solutions. The heightened risk of making a mistake and exceeding the capacity of your premises can not only jeopardise your license but also the safety of the people inside.

Pentagon products have passed the most stringent third party quality checks, and have been officially certificated and approved for distribution to EU markets.

Offering good quality and an attractive price point, this clicker is an excellent choice for security and door supervisors working in night clubs, restaurants, warehouses etc.

Cheaper clickers might save you a few pounds upfront, but they are likely to cost you more in the long run. Cheaper clickers are cheap for a reason - they generally use lower grade components without the testing and standards that go into higher quality products. As such, they won't provide the performance or longevity of a Pentagon clickers.

Pentagon specialises in the sourcing and supply of premium quality security accessories and clickers. Our products are used by the UK's police force and ambulance services, so you can be assured that the equipment we supply provides optimum performance and durability.

Brand: Pentagon (United Kingdom). EU trademark No. 013518519.


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