20kg Bumper Plates Discs Disc Bumper HTBR OECBLRNPZ

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Manufacturer: HMS; Material: Stainless Steel, Rubber; Outer Diameter: 45cm; inner diameter of the hole: 50,6mmThick of the plates: HTBR05-34mm; HTBR10-60mm; HTBR15-78mm; HTBR20-88mm; HTBR25-100mm; Htbr Olympic plate HMS is available in the following weights: 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kgPerfect Cast, detail and specifically designed profiling, turning on stake to prevent thisCoated with a special, thick rubber, absorbs any shock each mat is manufactured to the weight and level calibrated. This means that the plate Weight between + 1% and 1% is used.

The inner dimensions are has been adapted to the Olympic Bumper. The sleeve in the is made from Rostfreinem steel disc. The rubber, muffles noise Ideal Runterfallen of the plate and prevents damage to the floor

20kg Bumper Plates Discs Disc Bumper HTBR OECBLRNPZ

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