250Hz Supernova Pro Forearm Strengthener Grip Trainer Finger Gym and Tennis Elbow Treatment Hand Exercise Ball HSQXALIOP

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Fitted with an LCD speedmeter and precision balanced to exceed 15000rpm spin speeds with zero vibration powered just by your wrist (see video)Generates 0-15kg of resistance, helping to substantially increase wrist strength, hand strength and finger grip strengthBrings immediate relief & rehabilitation to tendonitis wrist, repetitive strain injury and tendonitis arm plus carpal tunnel wrist supportCool things to buy, Supernova Pro has 6 blue and white colour active induction-powered rotor LEDs which illuminate radiantly as you spinUnbeatable exercise gadgets that build grip strength for golf, cycling, tennis, martial arts, basketball, cricket, bowling, climbing and finger dexterity for guitar, piano, drums etc.

Small Ball - Big Arms
Works like no exercise device you've ever picked up, Supernova Pro fits neatly in the hand and is a highly efficient forearm exercise product and hand gripper that will energise your entire arm and build phenomenal wrist and finger grip - the faster you spin the more power it generates and the brighter the internal blue and white LEDs glow, bathing your hand in bright radiant light energy.
100% Non Impact
When used at lower spin speeds, the 100% non-impact resistance generated from the perfectly balanced internal rotor engine makes it a perfect device with which to gently rehabilitate carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow / repetitive strain injury, wrist pain, tendonitis wrist and numbness in hands. Used just 5 minutes each day, this medically approved product will also help to dramatically improve strength and flexibility of the wrist joint and reduce overall recovery time from injuries like scaphoid fracture, tfcc tear, broken wrist and forearm.
Pocket Gym
Small, compact and always ready to use, simply wind the cord around the rotor (see video above), give it a fast pull and start spinning (slow speed for low, smooth, rehabilitative resistance - fast speeds for muscle building power)
Supernova Pro will leave you pain free and strong from finger to shoulder, building powerful upper limbs in a fun, engaging way that's totally unlike any form of exercise you've ever experienced.

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2 x Starter Cords
Instruction CD

250Hz Supernova Pro Forearm Strengthener Grip Trainer Finger Gym and Tennis Elbow Treatment Hand Exercise Ball HSQXALIOP

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