2x Zaffiro bicycle tyres front and rear 700c single speed blue IETWCQYMY

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28 inches 700 x 23c.330 g per piece.

2x Zaffiro bicycle tyres set for front and rear Zaffiro bicycle tyres blue in the centre and black on the edges, suitable for 700c wheel rims. The Zaffiro bicycle tyres attracts not only with its riding experience but also by its unusual design. The bicycle tyre with optimised rubber and its fine profile offers the perfect hold, which makes them ideal for the city traffic. The unusual profile of the bicycle tyre allows you to ride both in wet as well as sunny weather. The Zaffiro bicycle tyre can be used in almost all areas. Its profile and its material make it absolutely city-compatible. The bicycle tyres can be installed universally, in the front or the rear. The Zaffiro bicycle tyre is also extra thick and protected all round, providing the tube even more protection against breakdown. The bicycle tyre grips the road well, while reducing the resistance to the street at the same time. The thick coloured stripe makes the bike an absolute eye catcher. At just 340 grams, it has hardly any weight at all. Also available in the following colours: red, yellow, blue, white, black, Sise: 28 inches 700 x 23c Weight: 330 gms The Zaffiro bicycle tyres blue and black can be used in both single speed and fixies as well as in Citybikes and Cruisers and makes your bicycle something special. Vittoria Zaffiro racing bike tyres and tyres for single speed and fixie. The running surface of the Zaffiro tyre is made from the Aramid Endura 3D mix. The robust casing and the bead core in steel (4 entwined steel threads for greater flexibility) make the Zaffiro an ideal tyre for training on racing bikes and for quick biking on single speed. Technical Data Vonm Vittoria Zaffiro tyres: – Aramid Endura 3D – Air pressure (recomm./max): 7/9 bar – Weight: 330 g/piece – Clincher Tyre version – 20/23 – 622/700x20/23/28 inches racing bikes

2x Zaffiro bicycle tyres front and rear 700c single speed blue IETWCQYMY

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