Aerial yoga hammock Anti-gravity Stretch Yoga Hammock Sling Strap Elastic Cloth Satin 14 VNICEMFQL

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1. Material: nylon, size: about 197 inches × 109 inches (length: 5 meters × width: 2.8 meters), loading capacity 2000 pounds (900 kg), accessories: 2 nylon chrysanthemum rope 110 * 1.5cm, 2 cross Fixed plate (4 expansion screws)2. Fitness: Aerial Yoga is a unique sports style inspired by sports research. It completely overturns the tradition. You can use your favorite poses in the air like a trapeze. Stretch your body and complete more complex yoga moves.3. Fitness effect: What are the benefits of physical reversal in aerial yoga training It helps the blood flow back in the head, relaxes the muscles, relieves the pressure on the spinal discs and ligaments, helps relieve back pressure, eliminates fatigue and relaxes the entire body.4. Special effects: Yoga has a very good effect on arthritis symptoms such as weight loss and anxiety, insomnia5. Widely used: Yoga inverted pendulum and sling for spinal decompression and upper body strength inversion therapy. It is simple and fun to maintain good health through yoga swing exercises, flexibility training, strength training, traction, reversal therapy, etc.

The aerial yoga hammock hangs two points to form a U shaped hammock that allows your body to rely on, rely on and fly.
1. Fix the accessory, be sure to ask the professional to install it.
2. The hanging of the yoga hammock must be strong, and the height of the first floor should not exceed 15CM, so as not to fall accidentally injured.
3. Please check if the yoga hammock hook plate is loose and the extension belt is excessively worn before inspection.
4. Avoid carrying buttons or sharp objects and yoga hammocks.
5. This product is not fireproof fabric, please stay away from fire.
6. Pay attention to the smoothness of the yoga hammock around the ground, avoiding the location where sharp objects such as gravel and branches are present.

Aerial yoga hammock Anti-gravity Stretch Yoga Hammock Sling Strap Elastic Cloth Satin 14 VNICEMFQL

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