Agat Adding Stop 1 5 sec Russian Mechanical Stop White UWPXECFIE

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Russian mechanics, 16stone working with winding crown60minutes stopwatchHigh-gloss chrome push start button and casingDiameter: 55mmWeight: approximately 90g

Functions and Range of use:-Time Measurement with break or interruption (addition stopper)-starting: Crown-Stop: Crown-To set the device to zero: Side handle-Gang error within 10minutes of ± 0.6seconds.-Gang accuracy within 60minutes ± 1.8sec.-Temperature Range: -20°C to + 40°C
Mechanism/technology/design:-Russian Mechanics (16stone) from Agat-Winding crown-Impact Safety
1/5sec. Scale calibration-60min) and A4-80Stainless Steel Screw Material. Stop watch-High-gloss chrome push start button and casing-Chrome-plated brass body
Agat stop watches-Information:
Mechanical Stopwatch today are at that time as besonderere companion at our tasks a lot of time to measure.
Still very few Manufacturer in the world these timeless mechanical stop clocks producers.
Agat addition stopper have been successfully used for generations comes in last a lifetime.
A special made in Great Russian Soul Lies In This in the Südlichem Ural countdown timer.
Robust, precise, easy to operate, practical and reduced to the what sustain that you depend on.
In this technology, ready to fill with generations of Russian athletes, researchers have and the military.
It is an iconic Under The stopwatch, a true pleasure.
Ideal for leisure time in the hobby, exercising, and sporting events, in the lab as a shot Timer for espresso preparation and, of course, for the vintage Rallye Sport.

Agat Adding Stopwatch 1 5 sec Russian Mechanical Stopwatch White UWPXECFIE

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