AIS Receiver QK-A022 Dual Channel Antenna Splitter Banten AISSBSPL3 Combo OTSBYGSYR

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AIS Receiver + Antenna Splitter Combo comprising Quark QK-A022 Dual Channel Receiver with USB Output plus Banten AISSBSPL3 AIS Receive Antenna Splitter at a very special price - less than most Suppliers charge just for the AIS Receiver! This special combination package (exclusive to hamble Marine) enables you to receive AIS Data from your exisitng Marine VHF Antenna. Details of the Quark QK-A022 Dual Channel Marine AIS Receiver with USB output Introduction The QK-A022 is a dual channel AIS receive-only unit, designed to be installed in a protected indoor environment for the small commercial, leisure, fishing boat and vessel monitoring markets in order to listen to other vessel's AIS information. Features Two AIS receivers monitoring both AIS channels(161.975 MHz and 162.025 MHz) at the same time and decoding both channels simultaneously. simultaneously. Sensitivity down to -107 [email protected]% PER Up to 55 nautical miles receiving range USB 2.0 powered (<[email protected] 5.0V) 38400 bps baud serial over USB Message output in industry NMEA-0183 format Supports interworking with NMEA-0183 GPS receiver SMA connector for 50 Ohm VHF antenna SMA to BNC coaxial adaptor included Compatible with Windows, iOS and Linux systems Plug & play connectivity with PCs and Chart-Plotters with USB input Details of the Banten AISSBSPL3 Active AIS Receive Antenna Splitter/Diplexer for boats with VHF and AIS This Antenna Splitter enables your existing boat VHF antenna to be used for receiving AIS data. Installation is quick and simple with interconnecting cables supplied to link the AIS Receiver and the boat VHF. Reception on the AIS Receiver and the VHF Radio is now possible simultaneously. AIS reception will be blocked when you are transmitting on the VHF Radio.

AIS Receiver QK-A022 Dual Channel Antenna Splitter Banten AISSBSPL3 Combo OTSBYGSYR

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