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Caliation function Chronograph with 100 laps memory record4 training modes: target distance-2 for user's preset distances, half marathon, full marathon Time/date daily alarmChronograph with 100 laps memory record 4 training modes: 2 for user's preset distances, half marathon & full marathon modesCurrent, average, maximum & minimum heart rate Current, average & maximum speed

Stay Fit, Stay Strong, and Keep Moving With Pyle Sports - This heart rate monitor and watch is the perfect addition to your training program Now you can monitor your heart rate as you run, jog, or doing any cardiovascular exercise. This watch also includes a chronograph, daily alarm, heart rate statistics (current, average, minimum, and maximum heart rates) - plus a wealth of other features including marathon training mode. You can hook it up to your PC to download your data and analyze it over time. Its also equipped with a pedometer to count your steps and calorie and fat burned counters. Dont exercise without Pyle Sports! Monitor Your Heart Rate - The PHRM22 allows you to monitor your heart rate while performing any cardiovascular activity. Wrap the included heart rate monitor belt around your chest before exercising. Then, enter the heart rate monitor mode on the watch. During your exercise session, you can keep track of your current, average, maximum, and minimum heart rates all at the touch of a button. Included Software Packag - At the end of the day, use the included software to track your long term performance. The USB Link software downloads data from your watch and presents it conveniently on your PC. Get charts, stats, and keep a journal of your workouts. And if multiple people are sharing the same watch for their workouts, or if you use two or more watches, it's no problem you can even keep track of multiple users. Note: included software works on Windows PCs only. Built-in Functions To Help You Train You can use knowledge of your heart rate to determine what kind of exercise you're doing. First, you need to know your maximum heart rate, which is calculated based on your age. At 60-70% of this maximum, you are training for endurance and aerobic capacity. Your cardiovascular system develops at 70-80%. The PHRM22 is conveniently equipped with multiple training modes to help you reach these levels and notify with an alarm you when you have. You can also view your calories and fat burned and set calorie targets. The PHRM22 also has training modes for the half marathon, full marathon, and two user preset distances. Great Sports Watch Features Of course, the PHRM22 is equipped with all the features you've come to expect from great sports watches, including time & date functions, a daily alarm, and an LED backlight, so you can use the watch in low light or at night with no problem. There's also a chronograph with 100 lap memory.

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Pyle PHRM22 Sport Marathon Training Heart Rate Watch PFDINKOVY

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