Vittoria Corsa G Isotech Tubular Tyre Black 700x23mm WDMWHKNSE

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Vittoria Corsa G+ Isotech Tubular TyreThe world's fastest tyre, with astonishingly low rolling resistanceWith the revolutionary G Isotech compound and its leading Corespun casings the Corsa Speed is unparalleled when it comes to competition tyresThe weight is also unbelievable, coming in at just 200g per tyre, making them ridiculously fastThe Corsa Speed's low rolling resistance is thanks to the 320TPI cotton casing, built for speed

The worlds best-known and most-used cotton tubular tyre is has now evolved with Graphene: fast flexible, reliable and proven by million of race kilometers. 4 Compounds (4C) is exclusively developed by Vittoria to achieve performance products without compromise. Vittoria 4C is a layering process, using 4 separate compounds in the same tread. The 4C process offers unmatched versatility, by allowing for separate base and surface compounds, in both the center and side areas of the tread. Benefiting from the different properties of each compound, including the G+ Isotech. G+Isotech® is Vittoria™s unique Graphene compound with revolutionary G+, as provided by technology partner Directa Plus. No compromise is necessary with this compound, that is superior in speed (rolling resistance), grip, durability and wear resistance. The Corsa has 19% less rolling resistance compared to the same product without pristine Graphene, also showing superior grip and durability. In combination with the most flexible Aramid-enhanced cotton casing ever developed this product is the best performance tyre in the world (overall). The fastest tubular worldwide, gives you maximum speed and grip thanks to: * 1 - Tread pattern design for the best performance * 2 - G+Isogrip compound * 3 - PRB 2.0 breaker for excellent flat protection * 4 - 320 TPI Corespun casing * 5 - Latex inner tube is more supple than butyl * 6 - Handmade stitching * 7 - Cotton Ribbon Suitable for All conditions. * 4 compounds for the best speed, grip, durability and puncture protection * Kevlar reinforced Corespun K for increased sidewall protection. * 28 x 23c 265g * 28 x 25c 280g * 28 x 28c 330g The Corsa is the gold standard in tyres. Wet or dry conditions, crits or road races, it will out ride anything else out there - Alec Donahue (JAM/NCC-Vittoria) In a sport where every second counts, the Corsa is my one and only choice for all my races - Balazs Csoke (Pro Triathlete)

Vittoria Corsa G Isotech Tubular Tyre Black 700x23mm WDMWHKNSE

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